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Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Evaluation

Are you Wasting Electricty and Generator Fuel With Excess kVA Consumption?

Are You Burning Up Motors Due To High Harmonic Trash In Your electrical System?
These Are Easy To Solve Issues

Real Power vs. Apparent Power:
Real Power is the amount of power that is dissipated in a circuit from the AC source. For resistive loads, like an incandescent light bulb, Apparent Power and Real Power are the same. In practical application, most loads are either resistive, or they are inductive. Inductive loads are loads that have coils of wire in them. This includes but is not limited to transformers, and motors. Motors are the way that electrical energy is transformed into mechanical energy, thereby making it by far the most likely consumer of reactive power in your facilities. As an example, an Air Conditioner unit has a blower motor in the inside unit or air handler, along with a compressor and a fan in the outside unit. These devices are frequently your biggest source of reactive power in your facilities. The presence of Reactive power is measurable with an amp meter and Power Factor Meter. There are two loads that create reactive power: coils of wire called inductors (the windings in a motor) and capacitors...

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