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Frequency Stability Testing for Broadcast & 2-Way, starting January, 2014
Now with a new higher resolution GPS standard


Radio Works R.F. Consulting,
Continues a long tradition of High Accuracy Frequency Standard Testing:

For nearly 80 years Walt Van Nostrand and Sam Boor carried on the fine tradition of high accuracy
frequency measurements in a business started by Walt's father in 1933. This frequency measuring
business grew to cover Florida and Georgia to serve the Broadcasting community. In august of 2013
Walt and Sam decided that they would no longer offer these services and the Orlando
chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers spread the word to let the community know about their

It is with great pleasure that Radio Works R.F. Consulting is looking to continue this fine tradition
of high accuracy measurements in Florida and is actively looking for clients who need these high
accuracy measurements as a part of their FCC compliance requirements.

We will be utilizing many of the time tested, tried and true methods that Walt and Sam trusted and
we will also up the game by introducing additional new pieces of test equipment that conform to the same
high standards of accuracy that utilize GPS time standards, and when necessary, we will travel to your
location and perform your measurements in proximity instead of from a distance.

Initially we would like to offer high accuracy frequency readings four times per year, with additional
measurements available upon request for a small charge. We will offer these annual services for a new lower
price per year of $695.00. Your notification "Post Cards" will be Emailed to you so that you have an
easier way to recall your measurements, and you will then have a permanent digital record of each measurement.
Measurements will be made three times per year.

When you receive your Email Post Card that is filled in from your individual measurement session, the information
will be tailored to DTV, FM, AM or your other special class of service such as Two-Way Radio, STL, or other
special requests that can be done with a phone call as needed, or set up annually. Your center frequency and error for carrier
based measurements, Pilot frequency for DTV, Modulation band width (FCC peak hold spectral method), 19kHz
Sub-carrier frequency error(FM), Spectral Display (a new feature), time and date of measurement.

Even though the FCC does not require you to have an on site way to measure your carrier frequency,
You are still required to hold a high degree of accuracy and demonstrate stability. Let us help you maintain this Standard Of Excellence.


Please Download the PDF sign up sheet for services and Email it back to us so we can get you started on the road
to being able to prove that your transmitter is in compliance for Frequency, Modulation, Pilot, and other important

  • Click Here To Download a PDF Sign Up Information Sheet -    Sign Up For Services    Start Your Measurements Today

    Anritsu MS-2713E


    The most accurate bird


    Anritsu MS-2665


    Visual Indications


    IFR COM-120B


    GPS Receive Antennas



    Truck Mast Components


    ...... Truck Mast Minimum Height


    Truck Mast Deployed



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