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Radio Works R.F. Consulting Is Proud To Announce: A new Lecture Series designed to Train the Trainers, and to educate your in house personnel on topics that Schools Do Not Teach. These topics include:

  • Antenna and Transmission Line Sweeping, Diagnostics, and Testing 

  • Heliax and Waveguide Line Sweeping;

  • Grounding systems design 

  • Grounding systems testing 

  • Electrical Power Systems, Power Factor Testing, Evaluation and Correction 

  • Large Format Battery Systems: Tips, Tricks, and testing methods and procedures for Wet, Gel, and AGM Cells 

  • Many custom designed topics can be tailored for your specific in house needs 

  • Custom topics can be related to special Broadcast and Electrical situations that your facility may have 

  • Call Gary today to discuss a training seminar for your group of 4 or more people 

  • Seminars can consist of a single topic for one half day, or a single topic for an entire day 

  • Custom seminars can consist of multi-topics that can cover several days 

  • Knowlege and Training for your in house people is only a phone call or Email away.  561-346-8494   Gary@RadioworksRFConsulting

  • Training is as close as a drive or flight to your facility. Charges are based on a four person minimum with a per person additional charge. Lecture seminars include Power Point material and electronic files for customer reproduction prior to the date of the Lecture.


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