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Infrared Testing With The Testo Model 881

Radio Works R.F. Consulting,
Now Brings Thermal Infrared Testing:

Imagine the possibilities of seeing heat and potential fire hazards in your physical plant.

Thermal imagers convert infrared radiation into electrical signals and renders the energy as
visible colors. Radio Works R.F. Consulting can now perform completely contact-free testing
on materials, machines and electrical systems with the Testo 881 thermal imager. This system
allows you to visualize problems in industrial maintenance and plant monitoring before a
malfunction or a fire risk occurs. For the R.F. related industries and Broadcasters, transmission
line analysis is now possible from the ground without going off the air. Baseline heat
signatures can be taken for future reference with our telephoto lens system. With the
Testo 881, you are on the trail of energy loss and heat related hazards through whole
building Thermography. Our Testing will help you to save expensive electrical energy
costs and premature failure of electrical systems from primary building services mains to
individual machines and electronics. With the new Testo 881 thermal imager, we can save
you time, energy and money.

Fire is inspirational,,, Let it inspire you to test your physical plant today



Transformer Under Test Color Photo.


Infrared Image of Transformer Under Test


The Testo Model 881 Delux Kit With Telephoto Lens


Motor Contactor Overload Device Shows Heating


IR Image of Motor Overload Device Shows Heating


IR Image of TV Tower, Standard Wide Angle Lens



Image of Wire Nut Under Load Shows No Heating


IR Image of Wire Nut Under Load Shows Heating


IR Image of TV Tower, Standard Lens


Chlled Water Pump Seal Going Bad


IR Image of Pump Seal Going Bad


Dan The Electrician Hard At Work Testing Panels


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