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Radio Works R.F. Consulting
Technical Articles

Line Sweeping and Antenna Consulting
For the FM and Television Industries
Gary A. Minker

Antenna Testing and transmission line sweeping for the broadcasting industry is a specialized occupation and skill set that involves some very interesting test equipment, adaptors and background skills that are honed over years of diagnostics and troubleshooting of new and damaged systems. Testing involves several types of equipment. First and most importantly is a Spectrum Analyzer/Power Meter. This combination device allows the testing Engineer to determine whether a transmission system is safe to test for both the operator and the test equipment. Typically the maximum level desired on any testing line is +20dBm. This is a very large signal level and will corrupt or damage most pieces of testing apparatus. Once it is determined that the system is safe to work on for all men and machinery, the choices for testing become application specific.

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