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Radio Works R.F. Consulting
Drive Test Mapping Services For Broadcast TV, FM, AM, WiFi/LAN and Two-Way Radio Services

Now You Can Have Live Drive Testing Done,

For All R.F. Related Industries. We Are Faster and More Economical Than Flying or Field Meter Work With Real "On The Ground" Testing
Gary A. Minker

Drive Map Testing is a service that Radio Works R.F. Consulting now offers to the Radio Community for virtually every type of Radio System usage. With our Drive Mapping system, we are able to utilize real time on the air signals and record them while driving a pre-determined rout through your desired coverage area. We use antennas that are mounted on a test vehicle and are tuned and designed for receive duty in each specific band desired for these tests. We have various antenna configurations for each type of service. Both Wide Band, and Narrow Band frequency tuned units are available and these systems mount on to the test vehicle. Both rooftop and elevated testing is available for real world, real user anticipated signal strength analysis.

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