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Key Benefits:

The Tower Works Inc. is a group of vastly experienced designers who are familiar with the meticulous detail that is required to bring your Transmission Plant and integrated equipment into a perfect match for your every need

The special integration that is available from our seasoned, multi-disciplined group can assist you in the design and implementation of a Communication Facility tailored to your specialized needs

Our human resource services are coupled with a comprehensive list of the latest test equipment and bench services available

The ability to provide integrated R.F. and Audio diagnostic equipment makes conflicts between various service providers unnecessary


Innovation, Quality, and Pride: We of the Radio Works, and The Tower Works hope that you will feel free to call us any time, with questions or special diagnostic needs

Our dedication to creative innovation brings a new standard of design to your facility

Our deep personal interest in your individual needs as a client assures you of quality workmanship and reports

Our pride in a job well-done will give you the peace of mind required and deserved in any new, or diagnostic situation

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