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Fall 1998

We Have an Announcement:

Fall, 2001

The Tower Works, Ltd. would like to announce that construction was completed in the winter of 1996 on our brand new and state of the art communications facility located in Mangonia Park, Palm Beach County, Florida. This self-supporting 536 foot AMSL (519 AGL) tower will serve the needs of the growing communications industry in Palm Beach County, from a strategically positioned site at NAD 83, N-26-45-43.33, W-080-04-41.15 (NAD 27, N-26,45,42 W-080,04 42) between West Palm Beach, and Riviera Beach. FAA-94 ASO-3234-OE. At this time we are only 50% occupied and currently have antenna space at all advantageous locations for every type of use. We are able to accomidate large FM and Television Antennae as well as microwave systems and Broad Band licensed and unlicensed system operators.



Maximum coverage and orientation from the numerous faces and legs of the structure give tremendous flexibility in location, and mounting of the antennae. Below 200' the tower boasts 9 leg faces for optimum positioning and shielding of sensitive systems. Above 200', the 25' wide face tapers toward the the 100' tall stepped tubular pole which is 3' in diameter at the base, and 1.5' at the crest. Careful attention is paid to mandatory intermod studies required for each new tenant.

Security is a major plus at The Tower Works. Full time card key access accompanied by color surveillance cameras support a real time and time lapse video storage system for archiving all traffic and personnel movement around the site. For the special systems operators, segregated enclosures and cage areas are available. Twenty four hour access, leasing support and engineering services are standard features.

Connection to the Information Superhighway is made simple with access to several fiber optic systems. Celestial link up to the Internet and other long haul gateways is available by taking advantage of the well shielded quadrants of the 2 acre facility. Foot print for dish sizes to 10 meters is available. Fiber, uplinks and mid point proximity to 2 Bell South central offices give unlimited data, C3I, and remote control capabilities.

The unique nature of this self supporting structure is readily expandible to include a 900' "Sky Pod" which may be added at any time to the tower structure. This totally enclosed, climate controlled room is an advantageous space which would be located at the 220' level of the tower and is reserved for the aggressive user. The Sky Pod coupled with the 22,000 square foot support building gives the systems operator a tremendous storm surge reliability factor due to the tremendous floor height of +17 AMSL which is 4 feet above local grade. All equipment is easily dollied in, or off loaded from one of our three full size tractor docks and is glided swiftly in to the totally air conditioned operations area.

Quality assured installations are a trademark of a Landmark. Each installation is carefully reviewed and approved before equipment is brought in. During the installation, a representative of The Tower Works inspects each phase of the work to in order to assure each tenant that a quality job was done and that all systems will operate at optimum levels. Numerous combiner systems are available, as are receiver couplers for the most common bands.

We of The Tower Works, Ltd. would like to invite you to contact us as soon as possible to secure your place in the Sun. We are confident that your systems installation and operation experience with us will be the very best, bar-none. BUT, we cannot reserve your space without hearing from you. Please contact our offices to receive a copy of your lease, and to arrange your engineering installation review. We look forward to hearing from your organization soon.

Space is going fast.


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